Piggy Bank

From: £44.00 — £74.00

The Gallery Thea Piggy bank would make a beautiful gift for a child, perfect for a Christening or Naming day, Birth gift or New Grandchild.

It may be personalised with names and dates, we also have a collection of designs for you to choose from.

If you wish to have a design created especially for you, please either call or email us and we will be happy to help.

Our colours and designs may vary from time to time due to the hand painted nature of our product.

We usually have between a two and four week wait on orders depending on the time of the year, so we are sorry that you may have to wait a little longer during busy periods.

  • :
  • Large H 19.5cm x W 16cm x L 22cm:
  • Small H 12cm x W 10cm x L 15cm:
  • Medium H 14cm x W 12cm x L 18cm:

Please select the size from the following options.


Please select a design

  • Seagull 1.jpg
  • champagne
  • bird on branch
  • Stripey shirt
  • seagulls
  • ball sport
  • cricket design
  • pink-flowers
  • pink-blue-flower
  • love-heart-flower
  • football-scarf
  • boar-seagull
  • fire-engine
  • stars
  • sailing-boat-lighthouse
  • dinosaur
  • blue-heart-flowers
  • green-flowers
  • blue-tall-flowers
  • ballerina
  • mermaid
  • fairy
  • dangling-hearts
  • books
  • dangling-stars
  • robot
  • spotted-chicken
  • cooking
  • fishing-rod
  • eggs-flour
  • golf
  • fork-wheelbarrow
  • tennis
  • fishing-boat
  • elephant-monkey
  • cow-chicken
  • blue-bird-flower
  • green-bird-flower
  • beachhut-seagull
  • beechhut
  • owl
  • ballerina-heart
  • flower-heart
  • yellow-fish
  • train
  • sailing-boat
  • tractor
  • spaceman
  • plane
  • helicopter
  • rocket
  • football

Text to go on pottery.

Any specific colours, message underneath or on the back to say who it is from, etc