Southwold Arts Festival begins this weekend

Please come along and enjoy a street part on Saturday to start the week off, with so much to do from film to quilting there is so much going on. Check out more of the events on our Facebook page !!!!

Father’s Day personalised gifts

Father’s day is just around the corner, the team at Gallery Thea are painting all of the orders so everyone receives their gifts in good time. We have items for dad’s like key and spare change trays, pen pots, key rings, cufflink boxes and house and shed plaques, all may personalised by design and words.

Personalised Easter Egg Cups

    Gallery Thea personalised Egg Cups are being decorated to order for Easter, we have had some wonderful orders this year, from dinosaurs to penguins. The GT team love creating new designs for a special occasions, and we all love this chocolatey occasion !    

Mother’s day heart boxes

Our lovely heart boxes appear to be very popular this year as gifts for mum’s

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching and the production of ┬ábeautiful vases, heart boxes, jugs, mugs and hanging birds is all underway, we love adding the wonderful messages from our customers to the items that we produce.